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She worked in Bali before for three (3) years one employer, as a house maid. She has taken care of children there, done the cooking and general housekeeping. She is also capable in taking care of elderly as she is a bit big-sized maid. She is willing to be obedient.

Married (38)
Ref: AAI-0504
Upd on 14-Sep-16

She has exp as domestic helper in Kuwait .Her main duties is to take care of children 3 yrs and newborn , she need to feed, bath, change diaper and
clothes for the kid.She also required to do all the household chores,cooking for the whole family member. She is obedient, humble and can work independently.

Married (30)
Ref: AAP-0131
Upd on 21-Oct-16

She worked in Surabaya about two (2) years from 2013 o 2015. She has taken care of 6years old children, respectively. She can cook Indonesian foods. She is willing to follow instructions and to learn more. She can come fast and can be interviewed in Skype.

Single (24)
Ref: AAI-1603
Upd on 18-Oct-16
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